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At Hook Security, we understand how important it is to reduce the risk of security threats to your company, all while creating a positive and productive company culture.

We provide phishing testing and security awareness training that creates a positive and healthy security culture for your company, mitigating risk while being humorous and memorable.

Hook Security Features and Services (PDF Download)

Psychological Security Awareness Training

Hook Security uses Psychological Security, or PsySec™, to train employees to spot and avoid phishing attacks and create a healthy security-aware culture within the company

Automated Phishing Testing

Launch monthly, automated phishing simulations that test your users and provide microlearnings to those who click

  • Automated Testing
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Create Custom Templates
  • Instant Training Moments
A Mockup of the phishing testing reports tool

Training Your Employees Will Love

Launch ongoing security awareness training programs in a matter of minutes, and easily deploy additional training to those who need it most.

  • Automated Course Enrollments
  • Automated Reporting
  • Designed for Compliance
  • New Courses Every Month
A mockup of Hook's learning management system

Automated, Actionable Reporting

Easily monitor your progress with real-time reporting with insights that are easy to understand and put into action.

  • Automatic Monthly Reporting
  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
  • Track Course Completions
  • Automated Course Reminders
reporting mockup
Zach Eikenberry
Zach(ary) Eikenberry, CEO and Cofounder

Zachary Eikenberry is a CoFounder of Hook Security Inc and serves as a Director and Chief Executive Officer. Previous to these roles, he was the Founder & CEO of The NEXT Schools at the age of 27. These schools provided entrepreneurial experiences for over 900 students between 2 high schools and a middle school. Starting with $0 at the age of 27, he built a system that raised over $5M annually as he managed 60+ full time employees.

Zach has over 14+ years of startup experience since graduating from Purdue University with degrees in Philosophy and Economics. Throughout this time, he has successfully launched a SaaS company that resolved a complex purchasing workflow for federal agencies in addition to his ongoing consulting practice. He has been recognized as a Top Ten most Innovative Educator, a TEDx Speaker, and a conference speaker on the nature of innovation and education.

Adam Anderson, Cofounder and Chairman of the Board

Adam is a Co-Founder of Hook Security and serves as a Director and Chairman of the Board. Hook Securities is the 5th cyber security company that he has founded. He is 44 years old and he sold his first company, Palmetto Security Group, in 2018 after running it for 13 years.

Adam has 20+ years of experience in Cyber Security. He has written 4 books on cyber security and the behavioral science behind the real risks facing companies and organizations. He is a global key note and TED speaker on business, cyber security, and entrepreneurship. He is recognized for his thought leadership in this space by being awarded the role of Scholar in Residence at Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning, a part of the MBA program at Clemson University.


"With Hook Security, our clients get a true training partner, not just a check in the box!"
Jack Sterling
"Hook Security has been a fantastic organization to work with."
David McHale
"Their reporting is incredibly robust and their training videos are humorous and engaging."
Jason Whitehurst

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