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Security Awareness Training for Employees

Protect your company against phishing attacks with Hook Security's tailored and impactful phishing training.

The Problem

Security Awareness is Getting Harder

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated and pervasive, traditional security awareness training falls short. We now have to:
1. Educate the risks and best practices
2. Convince people why it matters

Risks are always evolving and education is necessary, but as the emerging workforce gets more tech savvy, cyber-apathy creeps into the workplace.

The Solution

Psychological Security Awareness Training

PsySec is a holistic approach to cybersecurity that acknowledges that simply being aware of cyber risks is not enough; individuals need to be actively engaged and empowered to protect themselves and their digital environments.

A psychologically safe workforce means that employees can:

Work with minimal interruption
Understand risks and the role they play
Understand the role of IT and Security
Actively participate in security culture
Effective Security Awareness Training

Engage, Educate, and Evaluate your team’s cybersecurity knowledge and readiness.

Psychological Security

Move from passive awareness to active empowerment with our unique training library.

User Management and Reporting

Get clear insights into your progress and effectiveness

Less work, more flow.

Spend less time on admin tasks and more time protecting your people with our automated training and lightning fast deployment.
Phishing Simulations
Combine training courses with phishing tests for a complete program
Automatically enroll users in courses based on phishing test results
Active Directory
Upload users via CSV or one of our several integrations, including Active Directory
SCORM Training
Courses are built on SCORM, featuring videos, interactive elements, quizzes, etc.
Instant Training
Instant Training Moments train employees on the phishing tests they clicked
Our annual training checks the compliance box, and HIPAA and PCI Training is coming soon
Reporting and Analytics
Connect our reporting data to any of your existing tools with our robust API and Webhooks.
Easy to Deploy
Hook is 100% Cloud-based and able to deploy instantly
Great Support
We provide email, chat, and phone support as well as onboarding programs to get you started.

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  • Phishing Template Library
  • Effective Training
  • Actionable Reporting
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Creating a Security-Aware Culture

Positive Training

Our training is based on a foundation of positivity, leading with fun and encouragement rather than fear and negativity.

Improved Security

Not only will employees naturally keep the company safe, they’ll be excited to keep you safe because of the positivity that the new culture provides.

Train Over Time

After 12 months of training, employees are 70% less likely to fall prey to a phishing attack.

Average cost of a data breach (IBM)
of successful breaches start with phishing
Less likely to fall for a phishing attack after 12 months of training

Security Awareness Training FAQs

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