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Reduce Phishing Vulnerabilites

Phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Our approach goes past simply training and creates habits that help employees spot and avoid phishing emails

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Train Quickly and Easily

Training shouldn't kill productivity or ruin someone's day. Our security awareness training is quick, fun, and helps employees get back to their work

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Monitor Ongoing Risk

Generate in-depth reports to identify struggling employees, demonstrate compliance, and allow users to report suspicious emails

Boring training doesn't work. It's time for a new Standard in Security Awareness Training

Cyberattacks are on the rise despite increased security budgets, and it's time for a change. The numbers don't lie - boring training programs lead to higher levels of cybercrime damage because employees don't retain the training when it's too technical, punitive, and not relatable.

The Old Standard

  • One-Size-Fits-All Training
  • Training for Compliance Only
  • Boring, Overly Technical Training that’s Easily Forgotten
  • Treating Employees like Weak Links
  • Unique, Personalized Training Experiences
  • Training to Build a Healthy
    Cybersecurity Culture
  • Entertaining Storytelling that is Memorable for Employees
  • Treating Employees like your Greatest Asset

Reduce the Risk of Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Our approach goes past simply training and creates habits that help employees spot and avoid phishing emails.

Automated Phishing Testing

Pick from 100s of phishing email templates to schedule and launch ongoing phishing tests to employees.

Instant Training Moments

Provide instant video training feedback to employees who click on phishing tests.

No More "One size fits all" Training

Your employees are all different. Your training content should be the same way! We create personalized training experiences to effectively train employees on security awareness.

Psychological Security

Psychological Security, or PsySec, uses humor, repetition, a positive approach, and the latest research in neuroscience to train the part of the brain that houses threat recognition and response.

Training Course Library

Our vast content library spans across different styles, lengths, and topics, and can be rolled out annually or monthly.

Build a Security-Aware Culture

By training regularly and efficiently, you'll not only check the box for compliance and dramatically reduce cyber risk, but you'll build a healthy culture around security that will strengthen your workforce for years to come.

In-depth Reporting

Easily monitor your progress with real-time reporting and insights that are easy to understand and put into action.

Scheduling and Automation

Scheduling training shouldn't be a pain. With Hook Security, you can schedule your testing and training well-in advance and set up automations that remind students when it's time to complete their courses.

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