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Phishing Testing for Employees

Protect your company against phishing attacks with Hook Security's tailored and impactful phishing test platform.

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Phishing Testing Platform

Everything you need for a successful phishing test program

Phishing Testing is a tool that can do just as much harm than good. We enable you to run responsible phishing tests that reduce the risk of phishing attacks without sacrificing the well-being and morale of your workforce

Customizable Phishing Templates

Chose from 100s of Phishing Test Templates and cusomize them in our editor

Instant Training Moments

Contextual videos and landing pages that help employees see red flags they mised

In-depth Reporting

Use actionable reports to indentify opportunities for training and spot false positives

Managed Phishing

We provide managed services so you can run phishing tests without devoting extra resources

Phishing Tests for Employees

Train Employees to Spot and Avoid Phishing Attacks.


Supercharge your Phishing Testing

With several automations and customizations, you can easily scale your phishing tests ith additional resources.

API and Webhooks
User Sync Integrations
Advanced Human Detection
User Groups
Reporting Plugin
Instant Training Moments

Create Respectful Opportunities to Train.

The Problem

Bad Phishing Tests are a Threat to Business

Poorly conducted phishing tests can harm businesses by confusing employees, eroding trust, and weakening cybersecurity. Such tests can desensitize staff to real threats, increasing organizational vulnerability. It's essential for businesses to design phishing tests strategically to enhance security culture and strengthen defenses.

The Solution

Responsible Phishing Testing

Our approach is meticulously designed to educate without inducing undue stress or anxiety, using scenarios that are realistic yet sensitive to the potential impact on employee morale.

We understand that phishing attacks are a critical aspect of cybersecurity. Therefore, our tests are crafted to enhance awareness and resilience against phishing threats in a manner that is psychologically considerate. This results in a more secure, aware, and engaged workforce.

How it Works

Test and Train Your Team with Authentic Cyber Threat Scenarios

Template Library

Choose from a wide range of pre-designed email templates, replicating real-world phishing attacks to effectively test your employees' detection and response skills.

Template Editor

Easily create and customize phishing email templates, tailoring scenarios to target your organization's unique vulnerabilities and strengthen cybersecurity awareness.

Mockup of security training videos
Instant Training Moments

Train Employees to Spot Phishing

When employees click on a phishing simulation, they are immediately directed to an informative landing page/video combo, designed to provide instant, targeted training. 

“The phishing campaigns are super easy to create and Hook provides a fun selection of templates to choose from every month.”

See the Phishing Testing Campaigns in Action

Spread Awareness, Change Behaviors, Create Cyber Resiliency.

Build a more resilient workforce by ingraining cyber threat awareness into daily routines.
  • Launch In Minutes
  • Phishing Template Library
  • Effective Training
  • Actionable Reporting
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How to Send a Phishing Test

Phishing Testing is an excellent way to train your employees on the latest cyber threats, and keep them from clicking on real phishing emails. Here's how to phish your employees:

Send Phishing Tests to Employees

Send simulated phishing test emails to your employees. These can range from internal emails like IT or HR, Brand Knockoffs like Amazon for Apple, or high urgency phishing emails that ask the employee to click a link or enter information.

Provide Phishing Awareness Training

When employees click on phishing tests or enter/divulge sensitive information, provide an instant training moment that points out what they missed, why it worked, and what they can do to prevent clicking on phishing tests and real phishing emails in the future.

Report on the Phishing Test

One your employee phishing test is complete, generate a report that shows you who opened, clicked, and received training. Cheer on the employees who passed the phishing test, and encourage those who failed.

Allow Employees to Report Phishing Emails

Deploy a Office365, Outlook, or G Suite Plugin that allows employees to report suspected phishing emails to your IT Team. With this tool employees can also scan emails to get instant feedback on whether the email may be phishing or not.

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Is Hook Security's platform easy to use?
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