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Our Training Approach

We combine relevant content with ease of use to maximize the effect that our training has on your company

Relevant Phishing Testing

We scour the ends of the internet every month to discover real and effective phishing emails to use in our testing.

Fresh Training Videos

We create our training videos fresh each month to match the phishing test, and deliver humor and education based on what’s happening in the world at the moment

Consistent Experience

When the training video matches the phishing test of the month, it creates a more effective, lasting experience.

What is Psychological Security?

We believe in PsySec enough to make it its own category. So what does it mean? Here's the science behind how we got there.
Multiple Brains

The latest research in neuroscience argues we have “multiple brains”. So we train different parts of the brain differently.

Primitive Brain

The Amygdala, or “Lizard Brain” as more fun people like to call it, houses your threat recognition and response capabilities. That’s our target with training

The Key to Train

There are two key ways to train this part of the brain: ‘tragic or humorous narratives’ and ‘consistent exposure or patterns.’ These are the cornerstones of our approach.

Positive Approach

By creating training content that employees like and want, we are making the learning aspect voluntary, therefore more effective.

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