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Tim, the new head of cybersecurity, goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of his company. However absurd and crazy it may be.

1 Season

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Follow along as we navigate the chaos of corporate life and learn a thing or two about cybersecurity topics in this new sketch series.

1 Season

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Why We Click dives deep into the intricate world of cybercrime and online behavior. Why do cybercriminals send phishing emails, and why do they work?  Each episode explores the psychology behind cyber threats and scams, aiming to uncover the ’why’ behind our actions in the digital world.

1 Season

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Adam Anderson, Hook Security's Chairman of the Board, sits down with CISOs to discuss the in's and out's of their security programs.

1 Season

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Adam Anderson and Sarah Beecham, from Hook Security, chat with leading security awareness professionals and explore their passions and expertise within the security awareness training space. Follow along as we discuss elevating your security awareness training programs, innovative strategies, hot takes, challenges, and more delivered straight from the front lines!

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Ethan and Parker, from the Hook Security team, sit down to play some games and answer some common cybersecurity questions.

1 Season (Season 2 Coming Soon)

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Gain inspiration and get ideas on phishing testing campaigns you can run - powered by insights from our platform.

1 Season

Free Training Resources

Pass these videos and resources to your team to help them level up their security knowledge!

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Curious what the security awareness training inside our platform is like? Check out a free preview of some of our courses!

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Follow along as we answer common questions regarding cybersecurity and dive deep into specific terms. Plus - learn how to spot and avoid these common attacks.

2 Seasons

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Security Awareness Sketches

Enjoy these security awareness training sketches provided by the National Cybersecurity Alliance!

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The Sketch Bucket is a collection of our most popular sketches and skits. Plus - learn a thing or two about cybersecurity along the way!

1 Season

Additional Resources

Security Awareness Training by Amazon

A Free Training course created by Amazon

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit

Videos, Posters, Tips, etc. to promote awareness month!

Phishing Quiz

Test your ability to spot a phishing email

Hook Studios FAQs

Is this really a bunch of free security awareness training videos?

What is Hook Studios?

Hook Studios is a content hub designed for security awareness professionals. Offering free security awareness training videos to drive cultural change, tactical advice to use in the field, and easily sharable end user videos and sketches to keep users educated.

Who is Hook Studios for?

Hook Studios was created with the security professional in mind. However, whether you're a security awareness professional, CISO, or any other position, we have a video for you.

Can I share this content with my team?

Absolutely! One of the best parts about Hook Studios is how easy it makes sharing end user content. We encourage you to share these with your friends, family, and coworkers to keep them up to date on the latest trends and tactics. With Hook Studios, it's never been simpler to spread awareness and knowledge.

What does being a Hook Studios newsletter subscriber mean?

It means free content! Each month, you'll receive our monthly newsletter, The Catch, that includes an exclusive security awareness training video. Plus - you'll be notified when we upload a new series, season, or episode of your favorite videos!

How often is content added?

We are constantly adding new content. Whether it's new episodes, series, or seasons, you'll always be able to come back to Hook Studios for more. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive security awareness training videos and other content - plus, you'll be notified every time we upload a new series!

Who is Hook Security?

Hook Security is a people-first company that uses psychological security training to help companies create security-aware culture. We strive to help people avoid manipulation by technology by offering an unmatched blend of entertainment and education.

How can I learn more about Hook Security?

To learn more about Hook Security head over to https://www.hooksecurity.co/. If you want to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! Simply email hello@hooksecurity.co.