A Complete Security Awareness Culture Toolkit

Launch, measure, and automate your phishing testing and security awareness training program with our easy to use platform.

Phishing Simulator

Send simulated phishing emails to your employees, provide instant training feedback to those who click, and use reports to track progress over time.
Template Library
Choose from 100s of phishing templates ranging from popular brands to internal emails
Custom Template Editor
Edit existing templates or create your own for super-potent spear phishing campaigns
Auto Enrollements
Automatically enroll users in training courses when they fail phishing tests
Instant Training
Instantly provide effective micro-learning to employees who click phishing tests
Campaign Wizard
Schedule campaigns in advance to create a automated phishing program
API and Webhooks
Streamline data sharing and analytics across platforms using our Global API for better informed decision making

Security Awareness Training

Secure your workforce and get compliant by training your employees with content they'll actually enjoy.
Content Library
We provide a full catalog of videos and courses that cover every major topic in cybersecurity
Auto Enrollments
Assigning training can be time consuming. With auto enrollment, training can easily be assigned.
Instant Training Moments
Micro-training videos for users who click on phishing simulations
Compliance Training
Our annual training checks the compliance box, and we have additonal courses like HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.
SCORM Training
Courses are built on SCORM, featuring videos, interactive elements, quizzes, etc.
Hook + Catalog
Need to use your own LMS for training? We can provide training for your SCORM-compliant LMS

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS is built around efficiency and ease of use, allowing you to quickly enroll users in training or create courses of your own.
SCORM Compliant
The LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliant, allowing an organization to import SCORM compliant training courses.
Learning Tracks
Choose from several learning tracks, with varying styles and lengths
Integrations with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, okta, onelogin, PingOne Ping Identity, OpenLDAP and MS Active Directory via LDAP.
Custom Courses
Create custom courses using video, quizzes, documents, and more.
Token-Based Links
Don't want another password to manage? Use tokenized links to send users straight into the platform.
Course Reminders
Set reminders to send email notices of assigned courses and overdue courses, minimizing incomplete training.


Generate in-depth reports to identify struggling employees, demonstrate compliance, and allow users to report suspicious emails.
Executive Reports
Create succint, easy-to-read reports to show progress to company leaders
Real-Time Reporting
In addition to the Reports Generator, you can see test results in real time.
Reports Generator
Choose from several report types and customize by toggling each section.
Individual Progress
Track progress down to the group and individual to find those who need additional training.
Technical Reports
Need to debug? We provide every technical aspect of the test to allow to to track every action.
Net Reporter Score
We've created a custom metric to help you track progress by comparing phishing clicks against reportings.

Hookmail Add-in

Hookmail is an add-in for Microsoft and Google that allows users to scan, review, and report suspicious emails, and receive tips and training right in their inbox.
Scan and Review
Users can scan emails directly in their inbox, and Hookmail will provide insights on the email's legitamacy.
Report Phishing Emails
Users can report suspicious emails straight to the IT team.
Phishing Test Sync
Hookmail syncs with your phishing test campaigns to ensure reporting phishing tests don't clog your ticketing system.
Hookmail works with Microsoft Office (full) and G-suite (lite).
Phishing Intelligence
Hookmail gathers IP Addresses, Domains, Email Addresses, words and other likely known threat types from different sources.
Awareness Training
Hookmail helps users learn what to look for using each email as a learning opportunity, combined with security awareness training

Managed Services

Looking for help with your security awareness training program? Our training experts have a created a completely done-for-you solution to completely handle your training needs.
Campaign of the Month
Our team will send your employees a premium phishing test each month a deliver a report.
Fully Managed
(Channel Only) Our team will handle the phishing test, training course enrollments, and report delviery.
Partner Program
We are Channel-Dedicated and provide additional services and features to our partners.

User Sync and Integrations

Getting started is lightning fast with our multiple way to sync users and export data.
Active Directory Sync
Keep your user base synced using Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
CSV Upload
Quickly add users using a simple CSV file.
Google Workspace
Hookmail Lite is a simple plugin that allows users to report suspicious emails.
Slack/Microsoft Teams
Coming Soon. Send notifications and training reminders via team messaging apps.
Single Sign-on
We support Okta, Onelogin, Ping Identity, Active Directory, or any SAML 2.0 SSO credentials
On prem? Add users with an LDAP Sync.

...and Beyond!

You’re not just buying into a list of features, or even a software platform. You’re choosing a trusted partner, and that goes well beyond the software we build. You’re making a bet on our product vision and roadmap, on the quality of our customer support, and the speed at which we innovate.
Top Notch Support
We support our customers and users with phone, email, and chat support
Channel Dedicated
We love our partners and have our built our entire company around a channel-first mindset
Respect in Security
We've taken a pledge to help create a workplace and community free from harassment and fear.
Psychological Security
We're pioneering a new field, PsySec, to protect humans from manipulation by technology.
The New Standard
We're on a mission to set a new standard in security awareness training, prioritizing culture and positivity.
A Growing Team
We're Hiring! Check out our careers page to see current openings.