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What’s New at Hook: Instant Training Moments, 200+ New Phishing Templates, and more.

Parker Byrd

The latest wave of product updates is here, and it’s packed full of new ways to train your users.

Instant Training Moments

We’ve renamed our “point-of-infraction” training videos to Instant Training Moments. These videos train your employees at the moment they click on phishing simulations, and we’re excited to announce even more options and ways to use these.

Standard Instant Training Moments

Most phishing awareness training videos just cover the same key takeaways over and over, and are used for every type of phishing test, from an HR spoof to a Starbucks knockoff. With Instant Training Moments, the training video is relevant to the type of phishing template used.

For example, the Brand Knockoff instant training talk specifically about this type of phishing, why it’s used and why it works, and how to spot red flag specific to this type of phishing.

We see this personalized approach to instant training as more effective, as the user gets training relevant to the email they just clicked, rather than totally generalized training.

Other topics include Internal phishing, High-urgency, “Too good to be true” and more!

These videos are ready to use for all of our phishing templates and pre-loaded into the ready-made campaigns. 

Premium Instant Training Moments

Premium Instant Training Moments take this concept even further. Premium videos go over the actual email itself, showing the user exactly what they missed, why it worked, and how to avoid it in the future. This is the most powerful form of instant training as it is quick, fun, and hyper-relevant.

If you’re a customer of our done-for-training, these are similar to the Monthly Infraction Videos you’ve seen in the past.

We’ve released a small number of these into the library and will continue to add more periodically.

Domain Manager

Often one of the hardest parts of phishing testing is making sure the emails land in your user’s inbox. This is why the domain you use to send them is very important.

The new Domain Manager gives you information about available phishing domains for phishing testing. On this page, you can view information about how often each domain is used, the last verified date and time, whether or not the domain is active, etc.

If there is high usage or errors with a certain domain, you can find that here and either address the issues with the domain or avoid using it altogether.

You can also use this tool to add your own phishing domains. Maybe you found the perfect spoof domain or want to use some domains that look similar to your own! This tool allows you to add them and monitor their health.

New Phishing Templates

Finally, we’ve released over 200 new phishing email templates into our template library.

This new batch includes new brands, new internal emails, and a refresh of some past templates (these tech companies and their logo redesigns).

New templates mean new ways to train, new opportunities to spoof the tools you use, and be a more cyber-resilient company.

And, yes, these templates are preloaded with the new Instant Training Moments!

As always, you can learn more about features in our Knowledge Base. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming in 2021!

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