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What’s New at Hook: Deep Dives, Quick Hits, and More

Parker Byrd

2022 is here! At Hook Security, we’ve spent the last few months expanding our training library, creating new phishing templates and campaigns, and working on new features to help you create a lasting security aware culture. Here is a look into what we’ve recently released and what’s to come this year

New Releases

PsySec Deep Dives

Our flagship series has a fresh update! PsySec Deep Dives 2022 Edition features a new character “Mike Fry The Cyber Guy”. Each course dives deep into a specific topic from phishing to ransomware and more, and is a great monthly course series for employees to reinforce what they’ve learned in our Annual Training Module

“Gone Phishing: A Phishing Awareness Adventure”

Our newest standalone course “Gone Phishing” is a hilarious narrative story that teaches employees the ins and outs of phishing emails and how to avoid them. This is great course to enroll your users in, and is especially great for repeat failures of phishing tests. Check out this course today in our library.

Quick Hits

Sometimes employees just need quick refresher training of relevant security threats. Our Quick Hits series is great for this. “Quick Hits” are 1-2 minutes mini-courses that quickly explore specific security topics and how you can protect yourself against them. These are great supplemental courses and will also be available on our Youtube channel.

Phishing for Answers

“Phishing for Answers” is a new video series on our Youtube that acts as a “Q&A” format for relevant security questions. Whether you’d like to know what basic security terms mean, or you’re interested in the most potent phishing emails and red flags, “Phishing for Answers” has something for everyone

New Phishing Templates

In 2022 we are rolling out more phishing test templates than ever before. Additionally, we provide a library of Premium Campaigns, which contain training video that specifically go over red flags in the email. Premium Campaigns add an additional level of training as user can see exactly what they missed in a phishing test.


Need to download proof that you or your workforce has completed security awareness training? Want to simply show off your new skills? You can now create certificates of completion for any course.

Coming in 2022

New Partner Portal

We have a new Partner Portal. This new portal will provide more and more resources, rewards, training, and sales assistance to our partners. Additionally, if you’re a partner, make sure you’ve heard about our island trip incentive!

More Languages

In 2022 we will be releasing training in many new languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and more. If there are any specific languages you’d like us to add to our roadmap, let us know!

New Compliance Training

More than ever its important the companies get compliant within their industries and train employees to adhere to compliance specific guidelines for data privacy and security. Here are a few compliance tracks that are releasing early 2022:

  • GDPR
  • PCI

Security Awareness for Familes

While companies are a large target for hackers and scammers, an under-trained audience in the world is our families and our retired workforce. These people often are very vulnerable to online scams and social engineering. 

We will be releasing a free series of videos geared towards kids, families, and retirees that help them spot and avoid security threats in their personal lives. You can easily share this series and specific video to spread awareness of cybersecurity threats and other scams with your loved ones.

More Integrations

We’re working on a large number of new integrations this year, with a focus on user experience, user sync, email deliverability and more. A few integrations you’ll likely see are:

  • Improved Active Directory Sync
  • Microsoft Advanced Delivery
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • More LMS integrations

School Updates

We have new updates coming to our LMS, including Gamification, optional courses, and new ways to enroll and remind your users to complete training. Stay more for more details around our LMS updates.

To 2022 and Beyond!

We are so excited for 2022 and what it will bring with both new training content and new platform features. Join along as we continue to set a new standard for security awareness training!

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