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Introducing Hook Heroes!

Larkin Anders

The Hook Security Team is excited to announce that you can become a Hook Hero. Simply put, you can now get rewarded for sharing the love for and referring your friends to Hook Security!

There are 4 ways you can share how our services have impacted your business: 

1. G2 Review 

Reward: $20 Amazon Gift Card

G2 is a place where businesses can see what people are saying about Hook Security… you may have used it when choosing us, too. What solutions has Hook brought to your team? What benefits have you realized? We love hearing from you! P.S. Please leave your name and role with your review! Otherwise, the review will be anonymous and we won’t be able to thank you!

2. Submit a Written or Video Testimonial

Reward: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Has Hook Security helped your business become more secure-aware? Submit a brief video or written testimonial about how our product has helped your business and you might be featured on our LinkedIn! 

If you choose to do a video testimonial, we ask you to answer the same question prompts that are in the written testimonial link. You can then send your video to your client success manager. Curious about great ways to record your testimonial? Loom is a great option!

3. Share Your Story

Reward: $150 Amazon Gift Card

Has Hook Security impacted your company in a big way? We want to connect with you! Share your experience with our team, and we will feature your story in an article on our website and social media.

To see how we previously featured The Michaels Org and their story, click here. 

4. Refer Your Friends

Reward: $100 Amazon Gift Card for every converted lead + after 3 converted leads, you get a special edition Hook Security North Face backpack.

Know someone who would benefit from Hook Security? Send them our way and get rewarded for doing so! Simply let your referral know to mention your name when they get their first demo, and if they become a Hook Hero (customer), you get rewarded!  Contact your Client Success Manager to learn more.

Thank you so much for continuing to choose Hook as your security awareness training provider! For more info on our rewards program, check out the Hook Heroes page!

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