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Top 3 Fast Food Phishing Templates

Larkin Anders

Nothing gets attention like food promotions – free dessert? Sign me up! Free delivery? I’ll take it! No wonder fast food spoofing is one of the most popular phishing attempts, as well as among the most clicked templates in our email simulations. Hackers can easily imitate your favorite food spot or delivery service as enticing bait hoping you unhesitatingly bite – pun intended!

Let’s Take a Look at our Top 3 Fast Food related Templates.


It’s not uncommon that companies like Doordash offer discounts or freebies on your order, but these fast food spoofs also use the “too good to be true” angle to get you to click on something you shouldn’t. 

How exciting! A customer appreciation gift card? Don’t mind if I do! However, employers would certainly mind if their employees happened to click on a malicious link. 

Redeeming a Starbucks reward may seem harmless at first glance, so it’s important to educate folks on these red flags because anything that is claiming to be free deserves a second and thorough look. Our top 3 fast food templates will show how realistic a fake promotion can appear to be while training users to be cautious of suspicious language in these types of phishing emails. So the next time Papa John’s offers you a free pizza, remember that not all bait is worth the bite!

TIP: You can find our top 3 fast food templates in your Template Library by typing Doordash, Starbucks, or Papa John in the top search bar!

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