How to Train Employees on Phishing Awareness: A Step-by-Step Guide

Implementing a phishing awareness training program for employees is crucial for enhancing cybersecurity and protecting businesses from cyber threats. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to training employees on phishing awareness, starting from understanding phishing and its impact on businesses to measuring the effectiveness of the training program.

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Top 3 Fast Food Phishing Templates

In this video, we dive into our top three most popular fast food phishing templates!

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Beneath The Surface: A Guide to Phishing Emails and the Creatures Behind Them

Dive into the depths of the cyber ocean and explore the treacherous world of phishing scams and attacks with “Beneath The Surface: A Guide to Phishing Emails and the Creatures Behind Them.” We’ll take you on an underwater adventure, where you’ll encounter a wide array of sea creatures that serve as metaphors for different types of phishing scams and attacks.

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‍Why Phishing Training is Critical to your Business

Phishing attacks have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with cybercriminals using a range of sophisticated techniques to gain access to sensitive corporate data. Phishing attempts typically involve tricking a user into clicking on a link or opening an attachment that contains malware, which can then be used to steal sensitive information or compromise corporate systems. This article examines the benefits of providing phishing training to employees and outlines key components of an effective training program.

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What to do (and not do) When Employees Click on Phishing Tests

As security professionals, we invest a lot of time and money in training our employees to recognize and avoid phishing emails. However, it's inevitable that at some point, someone will click on a simulated phishing test. It's important to know how to handle this situation when it arises. The worst thing you can do is punish and fire employees who click. Instead, you should use it as an opportunity to teach and reinforce awareness measures. In this blog post, we discuss the best ways to approach employees who accidentally click on simulated phishing tests and how to use this as an opportunity to improve overall security strategy.

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Our Highest Clicked Phishing Templates

In this video, we dive into our top three most clicked phishing templates and learn more about brand knock-off phishing emails!

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