What is Phishing?

Phishing is a kind of cyber attack in which an attacker tries to get sensitive information from you by disguising as someone else. A phishing attack can be carried out via email, through a text message, or via phone. The attacker can pretend to be your bank or a company you are familiar with, such as Google or Microsoft. By pretending to be a legitimate person or entity, the attacker tries to lure you into revealing sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card info.

How to spot and avoid phishing emails:

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Inspect the email sender address

Scammers will pretend to be a company you may know. However, the sender address will be different. For example, instead of dropbox.com they could be using dr0pbox.com or dropbox.offers4me.com

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Hover over the link

If the email seems to be coming from a trusted source, hover over the link and verify that the domain matches who it should be. If it's an email regarding an account you have, you can simply go to that website in your browser. If the alert was real, it'll be there too when you login.

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When in doubt, close it out

If you're not sure what to do with a suspicious email, the best thing is to just delete it. Consult with your manager or IT staff to inquire about its validity.

What is a Phishing Test?

While our phishing quiz is an excellent to test your abilities, how will you react in the real world when a phishing email hits your own inbox?

To reduce risk over time, we recommend conduct phishing testing for employees every month. This type of phishing testing contains three elements:

Phishing Simulations 

A real-life custom simulated phishing attack built to test and sharpen your employees’ awareness of phishing and social engineering threats.

Security Awareness Training  

If employees click on the simulated phishing email, they are redirected to a landing page with a short, funny, but educational video along with tips on how to spot and avoid phishing emails in the future.

Actionable Reporting  

After the testing, We send out behavioral data reports, and continually provide valuable feedback and support to broaden cybersecurity awareness.

What does it look like to get a phishing test?

We're glad you asked! Check out this video of our very own John Doe receving a phishing test and security awareness training.

Can I share this phishing quiz with employees?

Absolutely! You can copy the link of this webpage, or use the social sharing buttons at the end of the phishing test.