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These are 10 of our Best Phishing Emails. Use Them.

Parker Byrd

At Hook Security, we are always scouring the depths of the internet to find out what the bad guys are doing today to phish people. The threat landscape is fast changing and constantly evolving. However...some phishing emails are just incredibly effective and have stood the test of time. These emails commonly follow a similar pattern: Brand knockoffs, or urgency around internal processes.

Here are our Top 10 Phishing Email templates. Use them with great responsibility.

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UPS Failed Delivery Attempt

This email is incredibly effective and borderline lethal around the holidays. No one wants to miss a package delivery, and if you pair that with the sudden urgent thought of “what the heck did I order?!”, it’s a pretty potent cocktail.

Venmo Gift Card

This Venmo phishing email actually contains a gif, combined with great design, looks eerily real. This falls into one of those “Too good to be true” emails.

Google Hangouts

This one combines the trustworthiness of a brand with the FOMO (Fear of missing out) of a group conversation.

HR Direct Deposit

These may seem too simple, but for an internal phishing email, simple is better. These need to look like a handwritten email to be effective

Netflix Password Reset

We’ve all been guilty of being a little too loose with giving out the Netflix password. This can create some quick urgency that turns into a quick click.

Amazon Shipping Confirmation

Similar to the UPS email, this one is also very potent in the way it immediately confuses someone into clicking to investigate further.

Account Scheduled for Deletion

Enough said.

Also, we made a pretty great sketch to accompany this email:

Google Device Sign-in

This email can trick the most vigilant of users. You may even receive this and think “I want to stay secure! I’ll log in and investigate this further”


Apple Support Ticket


This email is so easy to click on. Simple as that.

Starbucks eGift

We recently ran this and saw a lot of clicks.

Also, we created a full walkthrough to launch a Starbucks phishing campaign.

Alright, there you have it.

10 of our best, most effective phishing email templates.

P.S. We’ve also created custom training videos to accompany each of these templates. You can find them in our Phishing Simulator. 

Want to try one of these for yourself?

Get a free trial of up to 5 targets and launch a phishing test today.

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