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Phishing For Answers: How Social Media Affects Your Digital Security

Larkin Anders

Welcome to the first installment of Phishing for Answers, a video series answering common questions about phishing, ransomware, cybersecurity, and more. These videos are great to share with your colleagues, friends, and family! Today we’re talking about how social media affects your digital security.

Nowadays you'll rarely find someone who doesn't have some form of social media. And we get it, it can be a great way to stay connected, informed, and catch up with old friends. But it also comes with some risks. So it's important to be aware of them and understand how to avoid them. 

Have you ever seen those fancy graphics while scrolling Facebook asking questions like what was your childhood pet, first car, name of the street you grew up on, and so on? They can be hard to resist. But this can also be a goldmine for cybercriminals looking to hack into your accounts. Many of us are guilty of using things like our pet's name as passwords and having this information posted on our social media can leave us vulnerable to attacks. It's always smart to never include personal information within our passwords. 

All a cybercriminal needs to do is a little research, and boom, your accounts are hacked. Instead, try using a passphrase. The longer the better. These are much harder to crack and much safer. And remember you can always use a password manager to help you store your passwords so you don't forget them. Until next time, let's stay aware out there!

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