Phishing Simulator

Phishing Simulations for Employees

Protect your company against phishing attacks with real-world phishing simulations and quick, fun training moments

Hook Security provides the complete toolkit for any company to create a security-aware culture.

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Reduce Phishing Vulnerabilites

Phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Our approach goes past simply training and creates habits that help employees spot and avoid phishing emails

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Train Quickly and Easily

Training shouldn't kill productivity or ruin someone's day. Our phishing awareness training is quick, fun, and helps employees get back to their work

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Monitor Ongoing Risk

Generate in-depth reports to identify struggling employees, demonstrate compliance, and allow users to report suspicious emails

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Automated Phishing Testing

Launch a Phishing Test Campaign in Minutes

Easily launch monthly, automated phishing simulations that test your users and provide instant training to vulnerable employees

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    User Sync Integrations
  • 100s of Phishing Templates
  • Custom Template Editor
InsTant Training Moments

Instantly Train Your Vulnerable Employees

If employees click on a phishing test, they are redirected to an instant training moment with a short, funny, but educational video helping them see what they missed

  • Auto-Enroll in Additional Courses
  • Fresh Monthly Training Content
  • User Pass/Fail Notifications
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A mockup of the phishing testing library
Actionable Reporting

Make Smarter Security Decisions

Easily monitor your progress with real-time reporting with insights that are easy to understand and put into action.

  • Automatic Monthly Reporting
  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
  • Track Course Completions
  • API Integrations

How To Get Started

Getting started is as easy as adding users, ensuring deliverability and picking from hundreds of potent phishing templates. Once you launch your campaign, you can generate a report with actionable insights to help you secure your people.

Provision your Account in Minutes

Add Users via CSV or use one of our many integrations, including Active Directory Sync. Next, quickly add our domains and IP addresses to your safelist to ensure delivery.

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Select a Phishing Email from the Template Library

Choose from hundreds of phishing email templates from brand knockoffs to spear-phishing, or create your own using the custom editor

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Launch Your Campaign and Watch The Results Roll in

After you launch your campaign, generate detailed reports that track your progress and identify vulnerable users, or enable webhooks for real-time notifications

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Our Customers Love Us

Join hundreds of companies using Hook Security's Training to turn their employees into confident defenders

Launch a Free Phishing Test to Your Employees

Assess your company's risk of a phishing attack in minutes. Send a free phishing simulation and preview our security awareness training
  • Launch In Minutes
  • Phishing Template Library
  • Effective Training
  • Actionable Reporting
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Additional Features

Spend less time on admin tasks and more time protecting your people with our automated training and lightning fast deployment.
Custom Template Editor
Edit existing templates or create your own for super-potent spear phishing campaigns
Automatically enroll users in training courses when they fail phishing tests
Active Directory
Sync with Active Directory to quickly get started and keep your user list up to date
API and Webhooks
Streamline data sharing and analytics across platforms using our Global API for better informed decision making
Instant Training
Instantly provide effective micro-learning to employees who click phishing tests
Phishing Reporter Plugin
Deploy Hookmail, our Office 365 Add-in, to let employees scan, review, and report potential phishing emails
Reporting and Analytics
Put together in-depth custom reporting to get the data you need to identify your security vulnerabilities.
Easy to Deploy
Our platform is 100% cloud-based and deploys instantly
Great Support
We provide email, chat, and phone support as well as onboarding programs to get you started.

The Cost of Phishing

Phishing attacks are on the rise and are more sophisticated than ever. The average cost of a phishing attack to a small business is over $50k. And while the human element is often seen as the weakest component in a company’s security, We see them as the greatest asset.

Train the People

Defend Against Changing Threats

Having layered levels of defense is critical to an effective security program. However, your defense doesn’t end with tools. Having educated employees is a key part of an effective security strategy.

Our Training Approach
Average cost of a data breach (IBM)
of successful breaches start with phishing
Less likely to fall for a phishing attack after 12 months of training

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Reduce the Risk of Phishing Attacks

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