Hook Security PsySec Training Preview

Experience security awareness training your employees will love. Click through the videos down the page to demo the platform.

Instant Training Moments

The moment employees click on a simulated phishing email is an important one. Emotions are high, but this also creates the most optimal time to educate. We provide a short video training, showing the user what they missed, why it worked, and how to avoid clicking on phishing emails in the future.

Security Awareness Training

We've combined annual and monthly training approaches into one program, which allows for continuous learning creating best practices and good habits.

Our awareness training courses are also designed to increase an organization's cybersecurity compliance and maturity, meeting standards like NIST and CMMC.

Actionable Reporting

We send out behavioral data reports, and continually provide valuable feedback and support to broaden cybersecurity awareness.

Use our actionable insights to check your progress, learn who your security rockstars are, and who needs little more help as you drive toward compliance maturity.

Easy To Implement

Getting started with Hook Security is as simple as syncing users and whitelisting IP addresses
Microsoft AD Sync
Phishing Reporting Tool
CSV Upload
Office 365
G Suite
Reports API

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