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How Bergmann Group transformed their cybersecurity posture with Hook Security

Bergmann Group

The Bergmann Group is a family-run manufacturing business specializing in healthcare storage products.


The Bergmann Group is a family-run manufacturing business specializing in healthcare storage products, long-term care division, and screen printing equipment. With a substantial 200,000 sq ft manufacturing space and hundreds of employees, the Bergmann group faced unique cybersecurity challenges, highlighting the need for an effective and engaging security awareness solution.

John Bergmann, President and owner of The Bergmann Group, brings a technical background to his role and understood the need for a solution to ensure the safety of his organization and employees.

The Challenge

The Bergmann Group became aware of the need for robust security awareness training after experiencing a cyberattack firsthand, demonstrating how a single click could potentially compromise the entire company. 

“All it takes is one click, and your environment can be just ravished. And that’s actually what happened to us,” says Bergmann.

This incident highlighted the importance of educating their workforce on cybersecurity threats and prompted the search for a suitable training solution that was efficient, cost-effective, and straightforward to manage. “But that was a big reminder of how important every step of security is, not just security with technology, but with user training,” says Berman. “That’s when I started looking and ultimately found Hook.”

The Solution

The Bergmann Group selected Hook Security as their preferred provider, drawn in by the simplicity and effectiveness of their security awareness training programs. “When I ran into Hook, I really felt like this is exactly what I’m looking for,” says Bergmann. What stood out for The Bergmann Group was Hook Security's ability to swiftly and clearly offer education to those who clicked on a simulation. Not only offering employees teachable moments but also providing insightful data for leadership to monitor and act upon.

The key was finding a solution that offered educational content in an accessible format, enabling the company to enhance its cybersecurity awareness without the complexities and high costs associated with larger, more cumbersome solutions.

Implementation and Impact

The implementation process was seamless and user-friendly, facilitated by a quick setup process and exemplary customer service. “Your team has always been uber responsive to any questions we have… the setup was really pretty seamless,” says Bergmann.

This ultimately allowed The Bergmann Group to easily integrate Hook Security's training with the company's existing systems, allowing for a smooth transition and quick deployment. “But for how simple [Hook’s platform] is, in such a short amount of time, you can have this system implemented,” says Bergmann.

The initial engagement with Hook Security's training was met with enthusiasm from the Bergmann Group team. The content not only educated but also actively engaged employees, fostering an environment where learning from mistakes became a valuable tool in enhancing cybersecurity awareness. 

This approach led to a significant decrease in the failure rate of phishing simulations among the workforce, underscoring the effectiveness of the training. “And now our failure rate is very low and consistently low. And to me, it’s clearly working even with new employees coming in,” says Bergmann.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The partnership between Bergmann Group and Hook Security showcases the transformative impact of engaging security awareness training on an organization's cybersecurity culture. “I think because it has been so easy to work with Hook, it’s been easy to see how much help we did need as an environment and to continue with the program,” says Bergmann. The ease of implementation, coupled with Hook’s managed services allows for seamless setup and implementation. “I can be as involved or as uninvolved as I want to be…” says Bergmann. 

With the right tools and approach, improving cybersecurity awareness across a company can be both straightforward and highly effective. The Bergmann Group's experience illustrates the critical importance of selecting a security awareness training solution that is not only effective but also engaging and easy to integrate into a company's existing operations.

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