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Webinar: Culture and Compliance with Hook Security and ByteChek

Larkin Anders

Security awareness training is an integral part of today’s cybersecurity stack. But while awareness training is a must for specific compliance standards, this shouldn’t be your primary focus. Building a healthy culture goes above and beyond once-a-year training sessions.

In this live webinar, we partnered with ByteChek to discuss what it means to build a healthy security awareness training culture. It should be your organization's top priority to build trust, create healthy habits and help people make better security decisions.

We look at the most crucial building blocks for creating a healthy and productive security culture while also meeting your organization's compliance requirements.

Webinar Speakers:

Adam Anderson - Hook Security Cofounder

Terra Cooke - Director of Compliance at ByteChek

Joe Parker - Head of IT and Security at ByteChek

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