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The Ramsey County Data Breach May Have Affected As Many As 118,000 People

If you use Ramsey County services, you'll want to make sure you're aware of the recent data breach. The Ramsey County data breach may have affected 118,000 people. Both personal and health information from as many as 118,000 people may have been exposed during this breach. While county officials initially thought that only 500 people had their information exposed, those estimates proved to be inaccurate.If your data was exposed during this breach, you should have received a letter informing you of the breach and presenting you with information about credit monitoring services. If you did not receive a letter, but believe that your information may have been exposed, you should contact county officials to learn more.Officials believe that the hackers that accessed this information were attempting to gain access to employee paychecks. Even though the hackers were not trying to access the personal information of people that utilize Ramsey County services, there is a good chance that the exposed data has been leaked.With that said, the county does not know if the information that was potentially exposed was actually viewed by the hackers. Although hackers had the opportunity to access this data, it is possible that they did not take advantage of that opportunity. Officials have said that they are not aware of any misuse of this information.Both the State Auditor's Office and the U.S. Department of Civil Rights have been notified of the breach, which is in line with HIPPA requirements. The media was also notified, and people that may have been affected were notified by mail as well.Anyone that would like to find out more about the breach can call 651-266-2275 or 1-833-812-4159 or contact us online. If you call these numbers, you'll have the opportunity to talk to officials that will be able to answer some of the questions that you have about the incident and provide you with additional information.

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