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Free Security Awareness Training Tools Your Organization Should be Using (Plus a Free Bonus Game!)

Larkin Anders

Security awareness training is the foundation for a strong and safe organization, which is crucial in safeguarding your business. However, we recognize that many organizations have limited budgets and resources, making it challenging to constantly produce fresh, engaging training materials to share with their teams. That’s where our roundup of innovative, security awareness training free tools comes in.

These resources are free and designed to blend education with enjoyment, significantly enhancing your team’s learning experience. By integrating these tools, you’ll not only bolster your security posture but also contribute positively to your organization’s culture, making security awareness an engaging part of your team’s daily routine.

So, let’s dive in and explore these free game-changing tools you can incorporate into your security programs.

#1. Hook Studios

Hook Studios, powered by Hook Security, is a free content hub designed for security professionals. Offering free security awareness training videos and other free resources and guides. It's a platform that blends entertainment with education, making the often complex world of cybersecurity accessible and engaging. And yes, it's a place where you can access all your favorite Hook videos under one roof!

Featuring easily shareable end-user content, executive insights to drive cultural change, tactical advice to use in the field, and entertaining sketches and comedy series. Hook Studios has something for everyone. Check it out here!

#2. Google’s Phishing Quiz

Phishing attacks remain one of the most prevalent security threats organizations face worldwide, making educating users about these deceptive tactics imperative. Google’s Phishing Quiz is a standout resource in this regard. This interactive, free tool is designed to test and enhance users’ abilities to recognize phishing attempts. By simulating real-life scenarios, the quiz offers an engaging way for your team to learn about the latest phishing techniques, including how to spot malicious emails and links.

What sets this tool apart is its fun, game-like approach, turning what could be a mundane topic into an enjoyable learning experience. You can check that out here!

#3. National Cybersecurity Alliance Resources and Guides

The National Cybersecurity Alliance offers extensive guides and materials for fostering continuous learning in cybersecurity. Recognizing that cyber threats evolve constantly, the National Cybersecurity Alliance provides various up-to-date articles, best practice guides, and insightful resources. These are not only applicable in a professional context but also extended to personal cybersecurity habits. This free resource is a perfect blend for enhancing awareness at work and in everyday life.

The beauty of these resources lies in their accessibility and ease of comprehension, ensuring that learning about cybersecurity is not a daunting task but an engaging and integral part of everyone’s digital life. You can view all of the resources and guides the National Cybersecurity Alliance offers here.

#4. The Catch Newsletter

Another excellent resource to keep on your radar is “The Catch,” Hook’s monthly newsletter. This newsletter provides an invaluable service by delivering a free security awareness training video to your inbox each month. These videos, which are educational yet fun, are perfect tools for sharing with your teams. They serve as bite-sized yet impactful learning sessions that can easily be integrated into your regular security training schedule.

Moreover, “The Catch” doesn’t just stop at videos. It’s packed with various other helpful security awareness training content, such as tips and insights, offering a well-rounded approach to staying informed. From the latest in cyber threat intelligence to practical advice on enhancing your security programs, this newsletter is a treasure trove of information to help you and your team stay one step ahead.

#5. Cybersecurity Awareness Training by Amazon

Amazon’s free Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a comprehensive resource for educating employees and individuals on various critical security topics. Covering essential areas such as phishing, physical security, social engineering, data privacy, and more, this training ensures a thorough understanding of the multifaceted nature of cybersecurity threats. Amazon has made this training accessible globally by offering it in 11 different languages, thereby breaking language barriers and fostering inclusive learning.

This training is not just for tech-savvy employees; it’s designed for anyone who seeks to understand common cyber risks better and learn effective strategies to protect themselves. One of the key advantages of Amazon’s training is its ease of deployment. Participants can directly engage with the training on the website or download pre-packaged Learning Management System (LMS) files for a more tailored experience. Amazon’s training is available on Hook Studios and their website here.

Bonus! The Password Game

Shifting gears to a more interactive and fun approach, The Password Game emerges as a fun and free tool perfect for team engagement. The Password Game is a free tool that infuses fun into the critical task of creating a password. This interactive game takes participants on a unique journey, blending elements like math and random word selection to craft complex passwords.

Its ability to transform the often-dry subject of password security into an engaging and fun experience sets it apart. Team members are prompted to think creatively and strategically, employing a mix of numeracy skills and linguistic creativity. 


In conclusion, the array of free security awareness tools we've explored – from Hook Studios to the interactive fun of The Password Game – offers something for every organization. It's important to remember that security training has no one-size-fits-all solution. Each employee has unique learning preferences, and finding tools that resonate with your team is crucial for cultivating a robust security culture.

By incorporating a mix of these resources, you can tailor your training program to be as diverse and dynamic as your workforce. These tools educate and engage, making learning about cybersecurity an enjoyable and integral part of your team's daily life.

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