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Oklahoma pension fund reports $4.2 million cyber theft

Too often really important systems or funds are in the hands of bureaucracies or old agencies that change at a snail's pace. While this is okay in some areas, it's not okay when it comes to online security and shows why the need for high quality private security assistance is more important than ever. One such story clearly showing the need for security services like those we offer is the recent $4.2 million cyber theft from the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Pension fund by hackers.The tools, tricks, and software used by hackers is always changing and evolving which means security needs to be on top of that. The good news here is that the FBI is involved earl and there is a lot of confidence that the money will be recovered. This is a pension fund for police, state patrol - the everyday heroes for the state of Oklahoma. Fortunately this time no one currently on pension will be affected, but what about next time? What if the losses had been worse before the weakness in the system was found and sealed?This all happened because a single employee's e-mail account was hacked. That is a glaring weakness, and one that private security services like those offered by Hook Security can help prevent. Having top notch cyber security isn't a nice addition anymore, it's absolutely necessary in today's day and age.Similar attacks have happened to public employees in recent years in the states of Iowa and Pennsylvania, as well, and those are just the ones that were widely reported and known! While people are always going to be the biggest potential vulnerability of any system, understanding the need for up to date equipment, training, and policies to train employees up is crucial to help prevent these types of issues in the future.If you need help with cybersecurity, contact one of our professionals for help.Source:

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