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How to Get Employees Excited About Cyber Security Topics

Parker Byrd

Cyber-attacks are among the most common crime globally. Daily cyber-attacks statistics approximate 30,000 cyber-attacks in the U.S, and this number adds up to over 30 million cyber-attacks annually. It is a risk that your business might be facing or is vulnerable to.

Employees account for most of the attacks in a company since they are mostly naive to phishing emails and ads. Ensuring employees' cyber security skills are top-notch is the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. This article will shade insight on cyber security, how to get employees excited about cyber security topics, and improve your business's productivity.

Forms of cyber attacks

Over time, cyberbullies have hacked significant companies like Sony and crypto exchange sites. These cyberattacks are usually through phishing attacks, data breaches, credentials hacking, power grid attacks, and ransomware attacks. These five cyberattacks are the major forms of cyber-attacks.

Nowadays, cybercrime is a source of living for many people. Most of the attacks aim to attain your credentials and data, and these credentials are then used to hack your accounts and steal your money. Cyber security companies ensure that credentials, credit card details, customer trust, and your business's integrity remain intact.

Best cyber security practices

The constant change in the technology world is challenging, and it is hard to maintain cyber security as new attacks creep up daily. However, you can implement the best cyber security practices to help you counter these threats and ensure you are aware of new attacks.You can protect your data, use strong password protection, avoid pop-ups, unknown emails, and links, implement firewall protection, invest in security systems, and embrace cyber security education and training. You can ensure your business's safety is a priority through these practices.

However, all these initiatives come down to how employees adapt to them. You should motivate your employees to ensure they follow these practices to the latter. The technicality involved in IT topics makes cyber security topics hard to follow. Below are ways to build your employees' attitudes towards cyber security topics.

1. Stress on the importance of cyber security

Some employees might not take cyber security topics seriously due to a lack of knowledge on the importance of cyber security. Additionally, the lack of consequences on cyberattacks increases their ignorance of cyber security measures. It would help if you made them aware of the trouble cyber security awareness can help avoid. Additionally, you can assure them of consequences to any employee who will carelessly tap phishing mails. That way, the employees will be keen to prevent phishing attacks

2. Offer rewards to employees

Motivating employees can be a difficult feat. A way to ensure your employees positively engage in cyber security topics is if they also get something in return. You can offer rewards to employees who thrive in cyber security training, and the rewards would, in turn, motivate other employees to take an interest in the topics.

3. Offer experimental live training attacks 

You can use cyber security awareness companies to offer live training examples. IT can be a technical topic, and experiments simplify complex cyber security concepts—live training uses phishes to ensure employees know how to identify and avoid phishing attacks in real-time.

4. Conduct evaluations

Offering training and insight on cyber security topics is the first half of the process. You should follow up through assessments to know whether the cyber security measures are effective. It helps you determine which employees and systems are weak links in the business. Through evaluations, you can track progress and know which sectors to focus on and improve effectiveness.

5. Implement inter-department on course competitions

Nothing spells fun like games and competitions. You motivate employees simply through cyber security competitions and contests. Such competitions between departments ensure that even weak employees catch up on cyber security topics. This tip can help increase the success rate of cyber security topics and training in your business

6. Make prior communications

Technicality involved in cyber security can be a turnoff. You should sit down with your employees and discuss the cyber security plan before the training. It would help if you made the employees aware of the training goals and the tips to achieve them. This, in turn, builds up anticipation, which can be a motivational factor.

7. Build up employees' attitudes towards cyber security topics from the onset of training.

From the onset of the cyber security training, you should ensure no employee lags. It would help if you'd progress with each employee step by step. Ensure your employees are engaged throughout the training regardless of the technicalities.

Wrapping Up

Dozens of companies out there offer cyber security training platforms. However, few companies take further initiative to ensure this training is successful. Not many companies incorporate the psychological security approach of training, and this approach engages your employees' part of the brain responsible for threat recognition, thus increasing effectiveness. 

Frankly, you don't have to wait for a cyber-attack for you to take the initiative towards improving your business's cyber security—lack of the will to invest in cyber security risks your money, personal information, and data. A sophisticated hack can even drive you to bankruptcy. Hook security is a company that ensures it is simple to train and monitor your employees’ progress. 

Get a demo with us and let us help you make the step towards cyber security fun and engaging. The business world is shifting to the digital world, and this concept itself highlights the need for cyber security.

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