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How Hook Security can help your Organization Become HIPAA Compliant

Larkin Anders

Hip, Hip, HIPAA!!! Yes, we have HIPAA Security Awareness training! 

Meet your compliance requirements with Hook Security’s HIPAA course hosted by Michael Herrick, Founder & Chief Risk Analyst at Matterform! This training covers it all, but it won’t take employees away from being the superheroes that they are for a length of time, or have them feeling fatigued from tedious lessons. Our course content is digestible as well as engaging, so your workforce will be effectively up-to-date on the privacy and security policies of protected health information in no time! Well, technically in under 30 minutes, but that’s like nothing in compliance training time!

We even slip some fun facts into our material making this learning experience the most memorable (we sure think) HIPAA training on the market! But don’t worry, we review the important stuff like privacy rules, incidental disclosures, data security, and more so you can be sure that all your superheroes are protecting the rights of patients!

Click here for more information on our HIPAA training and to preview the course!


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