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A Deep Dive Into Our Training Library

Larkin Anders

Do you have a minute? No really, in less than a minute, this video shows how you can preview all of Hook’s security awareness training from this website! And if you’re looking for more than just phishing courses, we got it! The training library allows you to preview all kinds of cybersecurity topics like safe web browsing, ransomware, passwords, social engineering, and more! 


From the training library, you can filter your search by category, course series or type, and by package availability. Our training content is quick and informative, using an edu-tainment approach so that the information learned from the courses is memorable. As you can see, our content is what sets us apart from other training platforms. Security awareness doesn’t have to be boring - we keep our content fresh, making learning enjoyable with a modern twist on traditional training. That’s our philosophy around here, but you be the judge! Check out our Training Library Page here.

The training library allows you to preview upcoming content as well! We make all our own content and we’re proud to share it with you - so come take a sneak peak! 

Want to see more of our training courses? Request a demo here!

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