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5 Cybersecurity Podcasts You Need to Hear Right Now

Let’s face it. When work gets busier, the ability to take the time to educate or entertain yourself gets harder too. As a result, podcasts have become great ways to consume content and keep a finger on the pulse of any industry.

When it comes to the best cybersecurity podcasts, there are a few that stick out to us here at Hook Security. These aren’t necessarily the most technical information-heavy pods available, but they do a great job of mixing entertainment with education. And if you know anything about us, it’s our bread and butter. Here are our top cybersecurity podcasts right now.


This podcast from McAfee takes everyday products and looks to answer the question; “Can it be hacked?”. It’s funny, entertaining, and leaves with tips to keep your digital self safer. You’ll be surprised for one, how many seemingly useless IOT devices there are, and two, how vulnerable they are. Can your coffee maker be hacked? What about your smart home devices? “Hackable?” finds out, and shows you how to keep these devices secure.

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Smashing Security

Hosted by Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, Smashing Security takes a comedic look at cybersecurity news, breaches, products, and more. They have a different 3rd guest one each week to keep things fresh, and their dry take on security is frankly hilarious. They close each episode with a “pick of the week”, where they recommend random things they’ve seen around the internet, from books to shows to apps and more. Like “Hackable?”, it’s very bingeable, so go check it out!

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Hacking Humans

Hacking Humans from The CyberWire takes an in-depth look into the world of phishing and social engineering. Combining stories, reading off “busted” phishing attempts, and interviewing industry experts, this podcast does a great job keeping you current in the world of phishing. Their guests are also fantastic, spanning from magicians and con artists all the way to psychologists and scientists.

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From Vice, CYBER is a weekly podcast that covers larger security and privacy related stories. Their journalists have uncovered large data breaches, company coverups, and have secured some rare interviews. The 30 minute podcast does a good job of explaining news stories while getting supporting facts and thoughts from their various journalists.

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Darknet Diaries

In Darknet Diaries, Jack Rhysider takes you on a journey through the “dark side” of the internet, telling stories of cybercrime, privacy, hacking, and more. It’s produced very well, and it’s fun to re-hear stories you’ve probably seen in the news, such as Silk Road and Wannacry, in more of a narrative format. He also interviews social engineers and penetration testers, and they have some amazing stories to tell. This podcast is a must-listen and my personal favorite right now.

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Listening to cybersecurity podcasts is not only a fun and easy way to stay informed, but it can arm you with information that can help you both in your customer service and your sales process. So give these pods a listen today and sharpen your cyber knowledge!

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