PsySec Essentials

Hook Security
Course Provider

PsySec T M Essentials creates a baseline knowledge for your employees, and brings new employees up to speed on Cyber Security threats.

PsySec T M Essentials is an annual training course that touches on each area of security an employee should know for the year.

Hook Security has positioned this course to satisfy the following common Compliance Standards and Controls:
CMMC / Awareness & Training / CO11, CO12 / Maturity Level 3 Target NIST 800-171 / 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3
NIST 800-53 / AT2(1) - AT3

  • Category
    Annual Training
  • Length
    46 Minutes
  • Topic(s)
    Phishing, Social Engineering, Malware, Vishing, Ransomware
  • Languages
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