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  • Effective Security Awareness Training
  • Extensive Phishing Template Library
  • Seamless Onboarding
  • Clear and Actionable Reporting

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How TMO decreased their click-through rate by 80% with Hook Security

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"Awesome product for our users and great people to work with"

The best part of Hook is that the product works. Our users have significantly improved over the last nine months of tests.

Josh D

"Simple and Effective"

The interface makes it extremely easy to create and execute social engineering campaigns. There is a wide variety of templates and they are very high quality.

G2 Reviewer

"Employee behavior and awareness has greatly improved with Hook Security"

A great product and fantastic service from a company that knows what they are doing.

Jamie A

"Engaging and Entertaining Solid Content"

Hook's training modules are current, focused, short and meaningful, highlighting timely topics.

G2 Reviewer

"Hook has been very easy to use every step of the way"

The phishing campaigns are super easy to create and Hook provides a fun selection of templates to choose from every month.

Carson H

"Compelling, flexible platform with key PsySec data!"

The team are can-do people that are easy to do business with.

Bill H